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Injury spotlight: Shin splints

Are you increasing your running mileage and feeling a dull ache/discomfort in the front of your lower leg?

Shin splints is the non-medical term for medial tibial stress syndrome, which affects so many runners, especially new runners starting to train for their first marathon or half marathon. Don’t ignore the niggle, its important to stop it progressing.

- Dial mileage back a little and see if that results in no or very little discomfort. If so start increasing again slowly, if not keep reducing volume until find a level that isn’t aggravating so recovery can start

- Ice and compression socks can help reduce soreness and inflammation

- Strengthen foot, calf and tibialis muscles

- Stretch and reduce tension in calves, tibialis and glut muscles

- Assessment of hip, ankle and foot mobility by a physiotherapist can diagnose any contributing factors which can be worked on with specific rehab exercises

- Sports massage can release muscle tension and promote recovery, in combination with strengthening and stretching

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