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Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy FAQs

What should I wear to attend the massage?

Please bring (short) shorts or wear modest underwear if you are having treatment for your lower body. It will be possible for you to change into shorts before the massage starts.


For ladies having treatment on their upper body a bra that unhooks at the back rather than a sports bra with no back fastening is recommended if you would like to wear a bra through your treatment. If you are comfortable to remove your bra it will be possible to do so before the treatment, whilst maintaining modesty/privacy.

What should I bring with me?

It’s recommended to bring water with you to a massage to ensure good post massage hydration, as well as being well hydrated before a massage, as this helps the effectiveness of the massage.  

If you are a runner with a running related issue bringing your running shoes with you to the appointment can reveal helpful information about your gait.

I don't know which to book, sports massage or remedial therapy: does it matter?

Don’t worry, whichever you book the massage will be tailored to your requirements and will have the aim of working towards your goals. It’s really helpful if you can provide some details about what these are when you book (there is the facility in the online booking system to do this). After you book I will send you an online form which asks for relevant health and injury information, and aims for the appointment to also help me make the treatment individual and focussed.

If I end up running late or I can't find the massage location how is it best to contact you?

Please WhatsApp or text message me on 07909 551191

If I need to cancel or amend my appointment, when is that possible until?

The earliest possible notification of a cancellation or request to amend appointment time is really appreciated. Last minute things do of course come up, which I understand too.

A cancellation charge of 100% is applied for cancellations less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. For cancellations between 24 & 48 hours before the scheduled appointment a fee of £20 may be charged if room hire is incurred.

Can I eat just beforehand?

Yes, but it's probably best for that not to be a large meal.

Can I exercise just before or just after?

Exercising just before is not a problem. If you are planning to exercise later in the day it’s a good idea to plan a light or easy session, or one which focuses on an area of the body which has not been treated.

Will you diagnose the cause of my pain/discomfort/restricted mobility?

Massage therapists use the word assessment when evaluating the nature of a condition. This is not a diagnosis, which is a term used by the medical profession. It is the difference between investigating the nature of a condition (assessment) and naming that a certain condition is present (diagnosis). An assessment not only enables an effective treatment to be planned but helps measure progress towards the client’s goals so both therapist and client can assess if the treatment is working.

Is a sports massage really painful?

I don’t agree with the “No pain, no gain” philosophy. You can expect some therapeutic discomfort but by working slowly and taking time to work with the soft tissue significant pressure, depth and changes to tissue can be achieved without extreme pain. 

I frequently check in on what clients are feeling and work within what is manageable for them.

What can I expect to feel in the 24-48 hours after a sports massage/remedial therapy appointment?

It’s normal to experience some post-treatment soreness which may increase over 24-48 hours before reducing again. Your muscles may feel more fatigued than normal when you exercise for this period as well. After this time the benefits of the massage should be apparent with respect to increased mobility or reduced day to day discomfort.

Will I need multiple sessions to feel a difference?

A single massage session can be a highly effective intervention but often, and particularly for conditions which are chronic, the full benefit of massage therapy is unlocked with a series of sessions, each one continuing to build on progress achieved previously.

Do you offer session blocks or packs?

I offer blocks of 4 sessions at a discount to the cost of a single session. Please get in touch to ask me about this or we can discuss in the first massage.

If you think I should see a different professional eg a doctor, physiotherapist or osteopath will you tell me and refer me to one?

Yes. Doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths or chiropractors have a much wider scope of knowledge and tests and tools available to them to assess and then potentially diagnose potential sources of pain than massage therapists. Knowing when to refer to these other professionals or when a condition is best treated by massage is a key part of a massage therapist’s assessment.  It is important for massage therapists to ensure that other possible causes of pain have been ruled out in order that their assessment can focus on how the condition is being caused by soft tissue issues, or other factors which massage can benefit.

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