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Strength & Mobility: together they help prevent injuries

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Next instalment in my injury prevention top tips list: Strength & Mobility. Our bodies need mobility to move unrestricted and stability to control the movements.

Building better stability around joints requires muscle control around joints, meaning both strength and balance are needed, which will help prevent joint stress and wear & tear and have a positive impact for injury reduction.

Each major joint of the body has a role to play in our kinetic chain, and this role is primarily either mobility or stability, alternating between the two from the bottom to the top of the body. Restrictions in mobility or stability at any point in the chain can have profound implications elsewhere - possibly causing joint stress, muscular imbalance and injury. As an example the first major joint at the bottom of the chain is the ankle, primarily designed for mobility. Stiff ankles absorb less ground impact force and therefore pass more force to the knees increasing risk of injury to them and joints higher up the body.

Here are some example exercises to enhance mobility and stability as relevant in each major link in our kinetic chain. These should always be performed pain free, with precision and control. If fatigue means good form is lost then stop and rest, or maybe a modification or different exercise is more appropriate for you.

Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy is for both sports people and anyone wishing to prevent or recover from a soft tissue injury. It can enhance mobility and muscle balance, identify areas of instability and develop a bespoke programme of exercises for each individual to build their stability and mobility.

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