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Mary Brooking

Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy

For both sports people and anyone wishing to prevent or recover from a soft tissue injury


Structured small group & 1:1 sessions to boost & mix-up your running

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I have a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy from the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM), am a member of the SMA (The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists) and am also an England Athletics licensed running coach. 


I am a keen runner, outdoor swimmer, triathlete and cross-country & telemark skier and have participated in many events, including marathons and half-ironman triathlons, and have experienced first hand the benefits sports massage can bring to endurance athletes. I also understand well the mental and physical benefits of running & exercise and the importance of having a training structure to prevent injury as well as improve performance. 


​I have treated a wide variety of clients with soft tissue issues arising from sport, posture, work/desk setup, common accidents such as sprained ankles and overuse injuries. I use a range of soft tissue therapy techniques including massage, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques and myofascial release. ​I work with my clients to understand their goals and expectations which range from reducing pain and restoring movement to sporting performance goals. I communicate clearly how, and to what extent, soft tissue therapy could form part of achieving those goals. I have excellent listening skills and extensive experience in problem solving, analysis and attention to detail which help me deliver very client focused treatments.


​I bring a valuable combination of skills to the structured small group & 1:1 running sessions I lead providing technique tips for performance and injury prevention as well as fun, motivation & challenge.

Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy


The Sunflower Centre, Brockley

Commando Temple, Deptford

Hilly Fields Run Sessions

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